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Britny Wade


Welcome to my teacher page for the 2017-2018 school year. I look forward to sharing with you all the wonderful things we do with your children in our classroom. Please click here often for updates, pictures, and links to keep you informed.

Thank you!


“It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not made by the child he once was.” - Maria Montessori

Britny Wade, Nido Guide
B.A. Family Relations, Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, MI
AMS Infant-Toddler Montessori Certification, Seton Montessori Institute, Chicago
AMS Primary Montessori Certification, Michigan Montessori Teacher Education Center, Rochester, MI
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September 21, 2017

With great pleasure September has granted us some great weather to enjoy. The playground has been a wonderful escape during the day. Our mobile babies are really loving the sandbox and a couple have even tried the slide! Inside the classroom we are all adjusting to new faces and routines. We are busy helping the children gain independence and freedom. The two that can walk are clearing their dishes at mealtime and all that are able drink from a cup now. We even have a few that will fall asleep independently too. If the weather should turn on us soon, please remember to pack a jacket or other necessary items for cool weather. I want all of us to enjoy the outdoors as long as possible this season.

This page last updated on 9/21/2017.

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