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Elementary Programs

Lower elementary (6-9) and upper elementary (9-12)

The 6 to 12 year old wants to know everything about everything. Questions propel them toward research; final drafts require spelling and grammar skills, formulas and evidence. Desire for answers and the interest of peers make the challenges of academic work surmountable. Learning is a satisfying endeavor.

Elementary students, in a natural period of social development, acquire the life skills of empathy, fairness, and honesty (sometimes called emotional IQ) more easily now than at any other time of life.

Children’s House curricular goals focus on academic and social growth. Our Montessori faculty responds to students with enthusiasm, encouragement, and clear expectations. Each student is challenged at a developmentally appropriate pace.


The Lower Elementary students learn from one another, from self-correcting Montessori materials and from direct lessons with the teacher. The classroom promotes purposeful movement and independence. Cooperative learning groups answer the need for socialization. Reading for understanding, effective writing, mathematical proficiency, creative problem-solving -- these skills are mastered within the three year cycle.

Upper Elementary students are completely and actively engaged. Work journals define curricular goals, lessons, and tasks and include schedules for community service responsibilities. The Montessori methodology allows for the education of the whole person. The result is an authentic awareness of happy, self-worth. Affectionately called our “joyful scholars” upper el graduates enroll and flourish in a variety of area junior high school programs.

Partnering with families to
 raise exceptional learners. 

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