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Welcome to Nido-YCC South

Jenny Lamble Welcome back to YCC Southeast! The YCC is a place that supports both individual development and learning how to live harmoniously in our community. Our days will be filled with opportunities for baking, exploring, developing independence, acquiring new language and challenging motor abilities, just to name a few. I am happy to welcome your child to our sweet community and I look forward to the year ahead of us.

Jenny Lamble, Nido Guide
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The Children's House experience (2016- present)

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"The study of love and its utilization will lead us to the source from which it springs, The Child." ~ Dr. Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

January 17, 2019

I hope you had a fun and restful holiday break. I spent the break with lots of family time, lots of ice skating and sewing. It has been lovely to welcome all of the children back into the classroom. One of my favorite moments of the first day back is to watch the children in the entryway of the classroom - smiling, announcing one another's arrival, embracing, genuinely thrilled to see one another again. They have a special bond and it is a sweet reminder of how lucky we are to have this community. We also welcomed a new friend, Emma, to our community. Welcome Emma, we are happy to have you join us.

Since returning from break, we have enjoyed dried cherry bread, lots of citrus juicing and exploring lots of new materials. New materials includes new manipulatives to challenge their fine motor skills, musical instruments, smelling jars and a colored-oil hourglass, which they have found just fascinating. New language materials include garden tools, kitchen utensils, life cycle of a frog and lots of new books. One new book features a zebra that is hiding somewhere in the image on each page. The children have enjoyed finding 'Zeb' and it's been fun to watch them get the hang of this skill. You probably have books like this at home - give it a try and see what you and your child can find. One book you're sure to have - Goodnight Moon - see if you and your child can find the white mouse on each page. Enjoy!

December 13, 2018

I hope that you are all doing well now that winter seems to be fully upon us. We've had such a wonderful fall semester, and I am so thankful that I have gotten to spend it with your children.

As this semester draws to a close, I wanted to discuss our school's tradition of having a Seasonal Sing-a-long. The Sing-a-long will be next Friday (December 21st) from 2:00-3:00 in the gym. We ask that parents of full day students please pick up their child by 1:45. There will be no afternoon carline on Friday, so please park in the parking lot and come to our classroom to pick up your child. You can then join us in the the gym for the festivities! Our class has been singing many seasonal songs for the past few weeks, and the children have been enthusiastically picking up some of the lyrics here and there. After the Sing-a-long, the school's campus will close for the winter break. I am adjusting our schedule so that prior to the 1:45 pickup, the children will have had an early lunch and a nap.

If your child does not attend school on Friday or only attends until 12:30, you are welcome to join us with your child in the gym at 2:00 on Friday, December 21st to take part in the sing.

I will also be sending home all of your child's artwork, extra clothing and school shoes, so that you can sort through it and remove anything that doesn't fit. If you need your child's extra snow clothing sent home for the break, please let me know and I would be happy to package that up, as well.

Again, thank you for sharing your children with us this fall! I'm looking forward to the new experiences that 2018 will bring our class!

November 29, 2018

Welcome Back! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. We enjoyed a delightful Harvest Feast. Thank you for sending all of the delicious dishes. It was fun to see the children dive right in and see them have such pride in their contribution to the meal.

Returning back this week, we welcomed a new student into our community, Sloane, who is moving up from the Nido. As always, the children love to welcome a new friend and have been offering help and providing great role modeling. Welcome Sloane, we are thrilled to have you join our community.

The children have enjoyed new materials, including new musical instruments, puzzles and new language materials, such as tools and land-air-water transportation sorting work. We also continue to enjoy books, especially the new books that we were gifted from Horizon Book Day. Thank you to all of you who donated books. New this fall to our library is coffee table books. Every month I have placed a new coffee table book on a low table. The children have an opportunity to peruse the pages and explore the images. Right now, we're enjoying a book about ocean life. If you have any coffee table books at home, I would encourage you to share them with your child. The large scale is something new to the children and the images spark lots of great conversation.

November 8, 2018

This week, we welcomed a new student, Linden, into our community. The children have enjoyed making a new friend and showing him all about our classroom and community. They have been great role models and have enjoyed helping him learn all about working with the materials, teaching him our new songs, cleaning up after meals, using the playground equipment, etc. It's been lovely to watch many of the children step into a leadership role. Welcome Linden, we are happy to have you.

This week we will also start hair brushing. Just like we teach getting dressed and wiping one's nose, hair brushing is another important element of caring for one's self. Each child will have his or her own brush, which is clearly photo-labeled and available at any time. Hair brushing lessons will include how to hold a brush, how to pull it down the length of one's hair and even how to style one's hair with a clip or hair tie. We look forward to this new element of independence and many fun hairstyles.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we will introduce a new set of language materials - images of Thanksgiving dinner. The Thanksgiving meal, with its many, many dishes can be an overwhelming dining experience for young children. In hopes of helping the children become more comfortable with some of the foods they might see on their Thanksgiving table, these language cards will lead to discussions about what they might eat, smell, touch, etc. If you have any suggestions for dishes to include, I would love to hear all about them.

Finally, thank you for meeting with me last week for your child's conference. I love these opportunities to discuss your child's progress and lovely person that he or she is becoming.

October 25, 2018

After a week of discussing pumpkins, exploring a pumpkin from my garden and reading books about pumpkins, this week we cut into the pumpkin. The children explored the pumpkin by separating the pulp from the seeds. We then baked the pumpkin and tasted it at snack - it was delicious. We also roasted and tasted the seeds and we used the extra baked pumpkin in pumpkin bread - our new favorite!

New language materials include new poetry cards, a rock and mineral study, different kind of watercraft and Halloween-themed language cards. Halloween, while fun and exciting, can be a bit confusing and overwhelming for toddlers. This new set of Halloween cards includes images of things they will likely see - carved pumpkins, children in costumes, decorated houses - in hopes of making the children more comfortable with some of the things they may encounter in their neighborhoods in the next week. For Pumpkin Fun Day next week, we will carve a large pumpkin and roast the seeds.

Next week is Parent-Teacher Conferences. If you have not yet signed up, please do so. I am excited to share your child's progress and lots of photos with you.

October 11, 2018

The arrival of Fall has brought with it new and exciting things to explore. We have been baking pumpkin bread, exploring Fall-themed language cards, reading books about Fall, pumpkins and Halloween, exploring a pumpkin (which we will bake and eat next week) and singing Fall-themed songs and finger plays. Perhaps your child has shared 5 Little Pumpkins with you. We use different hand motions for each pumpkin. I encourage you to share this with your child and see what happens.

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate,
The first one said "Oh my, it's getting late!"
The second one said "There are bats in the air," (original lyrics say 'witches in the air')
The third one said "but we don't care!"
The fourth one said "Let's run and run and run."
The fifth one said "I'm ready for some fun!"
Ooo ooo went the wind, and out went the lights,
And five little pumpkins rolled out of sight.

While we're thinking about rhymes, hand games and finger plays, it's important to remember to share these with our children. There are many language opportunities with which we can expose young children - books, conversation, oral stories, language cards and song, but one area that might get overlooked is poetry. This year, we have a new language material in our environment, poetry cards. Each card is comprised of a poem and a related photo. The children are free to choose the cards and explore the image, or listen to the poem with the help from an adult. Poetry exposes the children to a form, style and cadence in language that they may not otherwise hear in their everyday language environment. Remember those old rhymes that your grandmother shared with you as a young child? It's time to get nostalgic and share them with your little one, who is sure to find them captivating.

September 27, 2018

Now into our fourth week at school, bread baking has become a regular element in our morning routine. All of the children have had an opportunity to bake bread for their peers and are always pleased with their efforts. And who doesn't love an afternoon snack of bread that is still warm from the oven?

This week, we also made our first batch of hummus. To begin, on Monday we rinsed and soaked the beans. On Tuesday, we rinsed and cooked the beans in a crockpot. And on Wednesday, we made the hummus. For our first time, we stuck to a basic hummus recipe - chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, salt and olive oil, but we have plans to experiment with other beans and ingredients. Also for the first time, we used a garlic wheel. It's a round hand-held device that has internal blades and wheels. When the child 'drives' it across the tabletop, the blades chop the garlic. Open it up and you have perfectly chopped garlic. Hummus is a perfect activity for toddlers, as it offers multiple opportunities for scooping, pouring, lemon juicing and garlic peeling. The children enjoyed experiencing the many sights and smells of the ingredients and devoured the hummus for snack.

I hope you find opportunities like this to invite your child to help prepare food at home. Remember, your child's contribution can start with the smallest element - carrying ingredients from the refrigerator or pantry to the countertop, helping scoop or pour ingredients into a bowl, stirring everything up, cleaning up the work surface, or even setting the table for the meal. Just remember that, as with every activity with a young child, it is the process and not the end product, that is the most important element. I can't wait to hear about what you and your child create!

September 13, 2018

Welcome Back!

I am thrilled to have all of the children back in the environment again. It was lovely to watch them be reunited with friends who were away this summer. Their hugs, smiles and greetings upon arrival really demonstrated the strength and importance of our little community. We should never discount the importance of one's community, regardless of the age of the child, for it is a place of love and acceptance, collaboration and belonging and it is a privilege to be part of it. That said, I hope you can join us for a celebration of our community at the Classroom Social at Darrow Park on September 23rd.

Now over a week into the school year, the children have embraced a few new routines and new materials, including daily bread baking. Every day one child will have the opportunity to bake bread for his or her friends. For half day students, a slice of bread will go home with the child at noon carline. For children who stay the full day, the bread will become our afternoon snack. We started out the year with a simple olive oil oat bread recipe, but will branch out each month with new flavors and recipes. I look forward to sharing what we create and I'm sure your child will be excited to tell you about this important contribution to his or her community.

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