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Check out the "JHaps" blog for weekly student perspectives on what's happening in the TCH Jr. High

Adolescents, ages 12-15, are in a transitional time of life. Maria Montessori compared it to the dramatic changes in toddlerhood-- the first three years of life. It is a time of great physical change, of endless creativity, of exploring one’s identity, of interest in the social organization of society, and of moral development. Young adolescents need to have choices in their education. They need to do real work that is meaningful to their community. Through this, they achieve maximum interest and engagement in their studies.

The Children’s House Jr. High program, 7th and 8th grades, is designed to meet the needs of these young adults based on Montessori’s astute observations of the developmental characteristics and learning styles of adolescents. In this engaging learning community, students participate in academic study in the areas of math, sciences, language, in a variety of reading and written forms, and work in the areas of humanities and self-expression. Students learn through engagement with one another, with trusted adults, and with others outside of the school community as they explore the greater world outside of their classroom.

Jr. High Curriculum

TCH Jr. High students experience rigorous academic subjects including math, literature, science, social studies, economics, humanities, Spanish, visual arts, kitchen classroom and music, through a variety of formats.

In order to accommodate a wide range of interests and learning styles, teachers vary their techniques in the classroom; lectures, seminars, group learning, and hands-on activities are all employed to target different types of learners. In this way, teachers can expect students to be fully engaged in their learning. In the Jr. High, students demonstrate their mastery of material thorough various methods including quizzes and tests, literature reviews, oral presentations, group work, visual projects, dramatic enactments, demonstrations, and labs.


jh2.jpgLearning Beyond the Walls of the Classroom

Our 8½ acre campus provides many opportunities for students to do real work and to engage in hands on learning in botany, plant physiology, chemistry and ecology. Students operate a micro-economy where skills of economics, marketing, math, and communications are learned through experience running a business. The Children’s House community includes infants through adults. The Jr. High students take on new levels of leadership in that community and have regular opportunities to participate in community service with the younger children.

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