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Welcome to Upper Elementary

Karin ChurchJamie SchaubWe look forward to a year of adaptability, growth, expansion, and construction of not only a new building but also our minds. We hope this year is filled with new wonders, questions, and discoveries as our students dive into new research and new concepts. The words “did you know” followed by a newly discovered fact are always our favorite, we hope your children share these facts with you at home as well. We are so grateful to spend our days with your inspiring children and look forward to celebrating their work with you.

“The child has real vision, a bright little flame of enlightenment that he (she) brings us as a gift.” Maria Montessori

Karin Church and Jamie Schaub

Karin Church, Upper Elementary Guide
B.A. University of California, French, International Relations
J.D. Boston school of Law
AMI Montessori Elementary Certification, The Montessori Training Center of Minnesota
The Children's House experience (2007-present)
Elementary Guide
Toddler Classroom Support & Elementary Classroom Support

Jamie Schaub, Upper Elementary Guide
B.A. Kalamazoo College, psychology and art
Masters of Arts in Education, St. Catherine University
AMI Montessori Elementary Certification, The Montessori Training Center of Minnesota
The Children’s House experience (2012-present)
Upper Elementary Guide
Elementary Classroom Support

September 21, 2017

Asked to share a personal fact, the children wrote down characteristics, talents, interests, and experiences that ranged from a passion for steak to the ability to read in Korean. Based on the clues, new classmates guessed who wrote the fact. As you can imagine, a lot of laughter ensued. What a thrill it was to join together to celebrate the uniqueness of each child and the joy of being part of a new community.

Our fifth and sixth years returned from summer vacation a little taller and much more confident in their ability to mentor their new fourth year friends. Over the years, the children have created traditions and customs in our community for which they feel pride and ownership. It is inspiring to see these elder students guide their new peers with kindness and patience and heartwarming how the new members welcome this support.

Although it’s early in the year, we have already imagined the creation of the universe, the coming of life and humans, and the arrival of language. Studies of hurricanes, bulldogs, pangolins and the United Nations fill our conversations, as well as the dissection of flowers and the 24/7 observation and care of a monarch butterfly’s transformation from larva to pupa. The wonder of it all fills our days.

We look forward to seeing all of you at this Sunday’s class picnic from 4:30-6:30 at Silver Lake Park. Thank you Allison Cavanaugh and Nicole Klau for planning what is sure to be a spectacular gathering! Bring your kickball game!!!

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