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Nido and Young Children's Community

Birth to 3 years

The first three years of life are full of exuberant growth. Movement, language and personal independence mature more rapidly now than at any other time.

A definition of the world as a safe place in which one's unique self can flourish and find meaning begins at this development stage.

Nido Environment
3 Months to walking

The Children’s House Nido environment is a classroom for our youngest students with ages from three to eighteen months. In this small setting, children are nurtured and cared for in a calm and peaceful environment. These earliest experiences are carefully shaped to set the stage for all of the years to come.

In the Nido environment, children are free to safely explore their world with the guidance of trained, loving adults. Unrestricted movement and age appropriate activities encourage development to naturally unfold according to the child’s nature and inner guide.

Young Children's Community
Walking to 36 months

Our Nido/YCC community knows that each child is a special individual, full of potential. The child's experiences away from home are carefully constructed. Children are nurtured and empowered. Classrooms are inviting; materials are appropriately stimulating. Movement is encouraged. Meaningful, ordered activities satisfy developmental needs. Our trained Montessori Faculty uses richly expressive language to accompany every action. The children thrive.

Partnering with families to
 raise exceptional learners. 

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