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Blossom Moon Festival 
Friday, April 24, 2009Blossom Moon Festival

The theme of this year's Children's House Gala is ‘Blossom Moon Festival'. It is inspired by the Japanese tradition of viewing the blossoming of cherry trees. In Japan, the Sakura, or cherry tree blossoms, are revered; the time of their blooming is celebrated. The cherry blossom is a sign of rebirth, renewal and youth. The time of blossom is very short, only a week or so. It is a time to stop and reflect and find joy in the ephemeral beauty that surrounds you.

Blossom viewing is a festive event. It is marked by music, laughter, and small gifts of red bean cakes and sweet rice balls handed out by smiling monks on temple steps. Pilgrimages to view the blossoming trees in remote and beautiful places take place in a gentle rain of falling petals. As day slips into evening, lanterns and the moonlight illuminate the travelers return home.

In Traverse City, the cherry blossoms have been celebrated with bicycle rides and wine tours. This year we will also celebrate our spring beauty with The Children's House 19th Annual Gala on Friday, April 24, 2009. Our theme, ‘Blossom Moon Festival' is a celebration of the season, our region, our children and each other. Under the light of the full moon, come celebrate your children and enjoy an Asian-inspired cuisine in lush settings, with many unique and beautiful items awaiting your bid. We look forward to extending you our hospitality!

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