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The Compass


July 31- Aug 4 - Rocks and Fossils 
Upper El Excursions: TU - Raven Hill Discovery Center, W-Clinch Park, Th-F & M and movie
Aug 7-11 - 
Aug 14-18 - 
The World of Invertebrates
Aug 21-24 - 
Cooking from the Garden with Chef Keil Moshier
August 24 - Last Day of Camp, Elementary Family Picnic at Noon in the Courtyard (lunch provided)
August 25 - Camp Closed
August 28-Sept 1 - Staff In-service Week (no programs for children)
September 1 - Individual classroom visits for new children in Nido-YCC and Primary
September 5- Extended Day Field Trip to Blackbird Arts, 12:30-3:30
September 5 - Orientation Day for Students (individual schedules will be emailed in early August)
September 6 - Full Schedules Begin for All

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As always, the Google Calendar and TCH Facebook pages are a great resource for calendar dates, articles of interest, and other related posts about school "happenings." 

Extracurricular Activities:

Click here to see the Extracurricular Activities web page. Contact Julie Boss, Extracurricular Athletic Coordinator at (248) 535-1713 or at  boss.julie4boys@yahoo.com  with questions, comments or ideas. 

Other Notes:

Order lunches and childcareLunch/Childcare Ordering
Our “orderlunches” system has a new look and a new name; it is now called Boonli. In spite of the new look and name, it can still be accessed through the homepage by clicking the “Childcare and Lunch Ordering” button. Your previous login information still works. Once you’re logged in, it will look different, but it has the same ordering options. If you have any questions, please contact Kim Schrader at the front desk at learn@traversechildrenshouse.org, or by calling 231-929-9325.

Please apply sunscreen to your child before coming to school in the morning.  We will reapply as needed throughout the day using a generic sunscreen of at least 30 SPF.  If you'd prefer to send your own sunscreen, please notify your child's teacher and boldly label the sunscreen with your child's name.

The Week in Pictures:

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