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Welcome to Art Class

Alison HoffmanWelcome to the colorful world of art!

Dear families,
One of my absolute favorite things is to watch and experience the creative process with all of my students. The excitement they feel while seeing their ideas come to life is truly contagious! I will be sharing some of these experiences throughout the year, so check back to see what is going on in the world of art!
Alison Hoffman


“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso


Alison Hoffman, Art

B.A. Northern Michigan University, Art Education
The Children's House experience (2007- present):
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Summer Art Program

March 22, 2018

What an amazing day!!

Traditionally the week before Spring Break does not always find the students, or even staff for that matter,in the most focused, creative or productive mindsets within classes. This is completely understandable, as most are dreaming about sunshine and sandy beaches coming in their near future. So with this idea in mind as I arrived to school this past Monday, I found myself pleasantly surprised right from the get go!

The Junior High have been working on a collaboration project involving the Industrial Revolution and Artists of that time period. They researched and chose one artist to continue doing further research on. This project involves the students writing a paper on their chosen Artist as well as creating a work of art in the style of that Artist. Not only did these Junior High kiddos all remember to bring their laptop with them to class, but they all had their research papers done and had even started generating ideas on what they were hoping to do for their visual art piece! WHAAAAAT?
It was one of the most productive, focused and fun art classes! Not only did we design and plan out all of our creative visuals, we made a supply list and will be completely ready to go for our creative construction day!

So as I continued to bounce through to the afternoon with renewed energy and the sunshine streaming in through the windows, I began my afternoon classes with Upper El. I’m not sure if it was the stars somehow being in alignment, or if the Spring sunshine and slightly warmer weather was playing a part, but the focus and good energy continued right through these classes as well. Upper El students have been learning about the Artist Roy Lichtenstein and creating a project in the style of his artwork. He was a huge comic book fan and his work reflected this. Bright colors, thick black lines and the use of words like…Bam! Pow! Boom! We studied his work and the students chose their own onomatopoeia word to illustrate. The previous couple of weeks were finding them frustrated with the verbal directions and drawn diagrams I was using to explain the steps of the project. I realized that a visual example might help with the frustration and confusion I was receiving from them, and holy moly was I right! Upon showing and displaying the steps in this tangible version, everything just clicked and they went to town!

I guess the moral of this mini story is this…never underestimate the power of good energy, it’s completely contagious!

February 1, 2018

Hot off the press!! It is that time of year that our 6th years are given the opportunity to enter into the MMUN t-shirt design contest for their session in NYC. The designs each year just keep blowing me away! I love to see the thought and creativity that comes from the idea of “Promoting Peace Through Our Youth.” These are the first three designs that have been submitted to me as complete, but I have seen many more in the works and they are all outstanding! What an amazing group of kids and artists we have here at TCH.

A VERY proud Art Teacher

December 19, 2017

As we get closer to the Holiday Season, each year I am asked to work with the Lower Elementary students on their Festival of Lights studies. These studies send the students around the world to learn how people from other countries celebrate their holiday seasons. These three Santa hat clad boys were studying St. Lucia in Sweden where Santa wears a hat that is pointy with a yarn tassel that hangs from the end. They hand sewed their red felt hats and made their own yarn pompoms! So very proud of them.
Happy Holidays!!



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