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Board of Directors

September 12, 2022

Thank you for being part of our community!

Peter Starkel with his kidsI am Peter Starkel, the current President of the Board of Directors here at The Children’s House. Let me thank you for making a great choice for your child or grandchild’s future. My son John (now 24) and daughter Martha (now 22) were also students here at TCH. Raising my children was the most important job I’ve ever had and I found, as you might, that this community is a true partnership.

The talented people who work here are what makes TCH such a special place. You can feel it every time you walk through the front doors. My only advice to you on your parenting journey is to take the time to be part of this community. Observe your child at work in their classroom, volunteer to help, attend the parent education and social events. Twenty years from now, it will be these memories that make you smile.

Michele Shane, Head of School and Peter Starkel, Board Chair

As for the board of directors, our role is to support these wonderful people and ensure that the school remains healthy and vibrant. Michele Shane, our Head of School, is a skilled leader who is passionate about Montessori and that makes our work very rewarding.

The board of directors has several committees that work on special projects. If you would like to be involved in any of these committees, I would encourage you to reach out to me at . 

Enjoy your children, they will teach you some of the best lessons you can learn.

Peter Starkel 

Strategic Plan
The Board of Directors adopted a new strategic plan in May 2023 that upholds the vision of high-fidelity, independent Montessori education for all of our students.  

2023 Strategic Plan

Board of Directors

The Children's House is governed by a Board of Directors. The board consists of a mix of representatives from local businesses, our parent body and the broader community. Candidates for board membership are drawn from a pool that includes parents, donors, partners, and others.


Mark Bishop


Julie Boss


Polly Carlton,


Cortney Danbrook,
Vice Chair


Scott Goodreau


Jessie Houghton


Durkhanai Jan


David King


Misha Neidorfler


Peter Starkel,


Michele Shane,
Non-Voting Member


Executive Committee
Finance Committee
Governance Committee
Head of School Support and Evaluation Committee