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From The Beginning

The Children’s House environment for infants ages three to 18 months is called Nido, Italian for "nest". In this unique setting, infants are nurtured and cared for in a calm and peaceful environment. These earliest experiences are carefully shaped to set the stage for all of the years to come. 

Infant crawlingIn our Nido environment, children are free to safely explore their world with the guidance of trained, loving adults. Unrestricted movement and age-appropriate activities encourage naturally unfolding development at an individual pace determined by each child's personal nature and inner guide. Infants entering into this program must be able and willing to be bottle-fed. Guides in this environment will follow the infant’s lead in terms of sleep and feeding.

The relationship between parent and child is the most important.  This is why we believe so strongly in creating a partnership with parents from day one by offering open lines of communication between home and school.  Consistency in approach at home and at school is key to supporting optimal childhood development. We accomplish this through consistent communication and offering many parent education opportunities.

Infant with musical instrumentsThe Nido environment offers a classroom rich in opportunities for physical, sensorial, intellectual, and social learning. Children may spend their days learning new words, new skills in physical coordination, and new sights and smells by cutting up fruits or vegetables. The environment, materials, and culture of the classroom are all carefully coordinated to offer children multiple opportunities to grow and mature during a critical time when their bodies and minds are developing at the swiftest pace in all of life.

When children outgrow this environment, they move up to our Young Children's Community

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