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OUR ALUMNI: 2019 Graduating Seniors

Andrew Eldridge Andrew Eldridge is pursuing an honors college bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a focus in Global Politics and Societies and a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of San Francisco. “My passion lies in activism and fighting for the rights of others. I hope to continue my studies to become a lawyer for those whose voices are ignored and overturned in our society. I plan to fight for my fellow LGBTQ+ peoples, specifically for transgender youth and LGBTQ+ people of color. TCH helped me grow as an individual and realize my own voice, as well as exposed me to the vast variety of people who coexist across the globe.”
Aidan Bishop Aidan Bishop is majoring in biology at Grand Valley State University. “The Children’s House has impacted my life by teaching me how to be a good person, treating others with respect, and how to become the best person I can. Science lessons at TCH always interested me and that influenced my decision to major in biology.”
Angela Patanella Angela Patanella is a student in the pre-nursing program at Northwestern Michigan College and plans to pursue a bachelors in Nursing. “Going to The Children’s House I learned lots of important skills that helped me succeed later on in life.”
Annie Hessler Annie Hessler is spending a gap year travelling, which started in the UK, and writing a life story biography. Next year she will attend college for freelance travel writing / journalism. “Attending The Children’s House was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. It was there that I learned to never underestimate yourself; to always strive to be yourself and your best; to always be kind to others, including yourself; and when others want to bring you down, bring them up with you. I will hold the knowledge that it taught me and the memories that came with it, always.”
Eamonn McGonigle Eamonn McGonigle is attending the University of Michigan in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts in pursuit of a future in global public health. “TCH allowed me to expand my social skills, taught me the power of conflict resolution, and gave me a thirst for knowledge. I am so grateful for the opportunities that TCH gave me and for the skills I learned that I continue to use.”
Emma Burns Emma Burns is currently studying history and literature at Albion College and planning on taking full advantage of a liberal arts education. “The Children’s House was my community growing up and the friends I made there continue to be my lifelong friends.”
Jakob Gale Jakob Gale is pursuing a degree in Game Design with a minor in IT at Eastern Michigan University. “The Children’s House is, when I think of it, what inspired me to be me. Because of it, I am pursuing a dream job that I’ve had since my first grade year at TCH.”
Joe Beatty Joe Beatty is a student at Northwestern Michigan College working toward a degree in either art or science. He plans to continue his studies at Wayne State University or the College of Creative Studies.  “There are many things in my life that I could trace back to my time at The Children’s House, but the most important thing I learned was how to learn. I don’t think that I would’ve been able to push on through difficult classes, nor would I have taken much away from them, if I didn’t have the mindsets, tools, and understanding of myself that I got from TCH.”
Noelle Riccobono Noelle Riccobono is currently pursuing an associates degree at Northwestern Michigan College and plans to transfer to Grand Valley State University to continue her studies. “I am thankful for The Children’s House community for creating a thoughtful and creative learning environment and their kindness and encouragement to me while I was a student there.”
Sheldon Gravis Sheldon Gravis is majoring in Construction Management at Michigan State University and studying agricultural engineering. “Through my studies so far, I have realized the impact The Children’s House has had on me both as a student and as a member of the community. The balance of freedom in my studies at TCH and strong support from teachers and staff is something I credit my success thus far and will continue to in the future.”