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A Space to Grow Food for the Community

by Jamie Schaub
Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Jamie tending to seedlingsRight now we have over 1,500 plants started in the greenhouse that will grow to provide produce to local food pantries. 

Since 2017 I have spent my summers helping manage Poesis Farm on the SEEDS property in Historic Barns Park at The Commons. This project focuses on growing food and flowers for donation, seed saving, and education. Many Children’s House students have helped on the farm and processed seeds at school. Some of our students are currently growing plants at home from our seeds.

Right now Poesis Farm is busy in the greenhouse at TCH! We have been fortunate to start our plants in the greenhouse over the last few years and this year we are able to start even more. We are partnering with local food pantries in order to give away plant starts for people to grow their own food, and we plan to give away fresh produce as well. We are also giving away our seeds by front porch pickup. 

At this time with so much uncertainty and struggle, I feel excited and inspired to help by providing food for people. We know that many are unable to work and therefore purchasing food will become more of a challenge. I am happy to use my skills to lessen that burden in our area. I am grateful that The Children’s House continues to collaborate with Poesis Farm, and therefore the community, by allowing us the use of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse plants