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The More You Know

by Michele Shane
Thursday, September 8, 2022

Happy 2022-2023 school year!  We are delighted to be welcoming all of the new and returning families for a year of learning and connection.

TCH is a community not only for our 260 learners, but for families and caregivers as well. Over the 38-year history of our school, we have been dedicated to creating partnerships with families in support of our students. An important aspect of our partnership are the opportunities for learning that we provide for the parents and caregivers in our school community -- a year-long calendar of offerings in family education, discussion groups, and webinars with the experts.

This year, we offer a wide range of topics in several formats. From Junior High family discussion groups on social, emotional and physical development, to Montessori 101 for those of you just joining our community, we hope you will find something that suits your interests. Additionally this year, we are providing a lecture series curated by our accrediting body, Independent Schools of the Central States (ISACS), from experts in child development, psychology and diversity.  

We know from experience that parent engagement supports every student in their growth and development. Demonstrating to your child that school is not just a place for them to learn but also for you, models the importance of community and lifelong learning. We hope you will find opportunities during the 22-23 school year offerings that fit with your interests and curiosities.