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Summer Program Information

For Elementary and Junior High

TCH Summer Fun

Lower Elementary
Children who have finished
Kindergarten - 2nd or 3rd grade
(depending on parent decision)
Upper Elementary
Children who have
finished 3rd-6th grade
Junior High
Children who have
finished 6th-7th grade

Current TCH Elementary Registration - Contact Kim for Availability

Jr. High Registration - Contact Kim for Availability

Alumni and New Student Registration - Contact Kim Gallagher for Availability

What's New This Year!

-If you have a child who has finished 6th or 7th grade, we are going to have a Wednesday excursion exclusively for the older kids. Only this age group will attend and the activities will be geared toward this age group.

-Our Upper Elementary program is open to kids who have just finished 6th grade! Although we recommend children who have just finished 3rd grade do the UE Excursions, if you have a child who has finished 3rd grade and is going into 4th grade, you can choose, weekly, if they do lower elementary activities or upper elementary excursions. If you need guidance on this decision, please contact Kim Gallagher. Once you've made the selection for the week, changes will only be allowed if a spot is available, no exceptions. Changes must be made in advance, not on the day of attendance and they must be done though Kim Gallagher. Contact Kim with questions.

-Bike weeks will be for children who have finished 1st-6th grade. We feel our incoming 1st graders aren't quite ready for the distance.

-Enrollment preference is given to current TCH students until March 1st and TCH alumni from March 1st until March 15th. On March 15th, registration is open to the greater community.

A Typical Week:

Base Camp (5-12 year olds):
TCH Base Camp provides a home base and consistent schedule for campers during the times they are not involved in the rotation of morning workshops. Base Camp activities include athletic and social skill building games, creative problem solving activities, and crafts. A daily quiet period after lunch includes time for chess, board games, and quiet reading.

Morning Workshops (5-12 year olds): Each morning, campers rotate through three activity sessions that center around a weekly theme. The three sessions include a workshop focused on the theme of the week, a physical activity, and a cooking or craft event. See below for specific age groups, topics, and schedules. These are the themes of the weeks, more details to come.

Off-Campus Excursions M, T, W, TH  (9-12 year olds):
Our older campers like an adventure and also like to participate in planning the adventure. The off-campus excursions with Steve Maas take the campers on day-trips to many of the spectacular attractions in our area. Last summer they visited beaches, Sleeping Bear Dunes, lighthouses, trails, nature areas, Raven Hill Discovery Center, Pirate's Cove, the library, and downtown T.C. They collaborate weekly with Steve to choose their destinations. A $10 weekly excursion fee is charged to cover transportation and admittance fees, when applicable (not charged for Bike Weeks). All upper elementary campers participate in the excursions unless you've pre-arranged something with Kim.

JH Wednesday Excursions (11-13 year olds):
Some Wednesdays this summer we will offer our older kids the opportunity to join in a fun excursion that is exciting for the older group. From a day on the beach rock hunting to an exciting off-road bike excursion, we'll make sure to offer a challenging and social experience for this unique age.

BACK THIS YEAR!: Pizza Wednesday - each Wednesday of Summer, we will order pizza for all the primary and elementary children.  Offerings will alternate each week between cheese and pepperoni. To order, please use the Boonli lunch ordering system,  instructions will be included in your welcome packet. 

Weekly Themes: Lower Elementary 

Week 1 (June 21-25)Back by Popular Demand... Forts and Fairies - Join us as we get creative using materials found on our campus to build tiny fairy houses and giant forts!

Week 2 (June 28-July 2): Red, White, Blue and Cherries too!/ Hit the Trails Week 1 - All of these things inspire the week's activities. Often one of our most popular weeks, this is also the week of our Bike parade and Independence Day picnic! Let's get excited about the Cherry Festival!

Week 3 (July 6-July 9): Prehistoric Week - Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to live millions of years ago? Travel back in time and discover cavemen, dinosaurs, fossils and ancient artifacts!

Week 4 (July 12- July 16): Become a Famous Artist - Travel around the world and through time to discover famous artists from the past. Learn about what made their art unique and how to apply different techniques to make our own interpretation f their famous works!

Week 5 (July 19 - July 23 ): Photography! - Jump behind the lens of a camera and discover the joy of photography! Explore different techniques for taking pictures, learn how to transfer photos to tiles. Master how to tell stories without words! 

Week 6 (July 26 - July 30): Space!/Hit the Trails Week 2: Come explore the far reaches of our galaxy./Hit the Trails Week 2 

Week 7 (Aug. 2 - Aug.6 ): Olympics!: Let's join the read Olympics in progress and do our own games including obstacles courses and relays!

Week 8 (Aug. 9 - Aug. 13): Bugs, Birds and Botanicals - This week will be a full outdoor immersion (weather permitting) where we will plant, grow, forage and discover wildlife species. Your child can look forward to birding with binoculars, capturing and releasing bugs, and making herbal infused oils to take home to use in the bath or kitchen. 

Week 9 (Aug. 16 - Aug. 20): Let's Do Food! Isn't food a beautiful thing, let's create food art, on paper, on rocks and of course, in the kitchen! This week we'll come up with our own recipes, write them down and take them home to share with our families. We'll also make some unique food to eat and learn where foods come from. Join us for this delicious week!

Week 10 (Aug. 23 - Aug. 26): Stage and Scene: You're famous! We invite the children to dive into the world of theatre where we will play theatre and movement games, develop a basic knowledge of theatre terms, stage direction and acting skills. By the end of the week, we'll present our own variety show (parents will see this somehow)! 

Afternoon Craft Club with Norie Warnke - All Ages
Afternoon craft creation lessons span eight of the ten weeks in the summer program. Each group will have 2 weeks to complete the projects. Specific week activities as follows:

• Weeks 1 and 2:  Embroidered Treasure Pouches - Children will personalize their own pouches with hand embroidery designs of their choice. These will be great treasure collecting bags for the summer!

• Weeks 3 and 4:  Sea Glass Sun Catchers - Upcycled glass bottles will be recreated into beautiful suncatchers.

• Weeks 5 and 6:  Mosaic Tray Art - The beauty of mosaics will be showcased in each one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

• Weeks 7 and 8:  Resin Treasure Keeper - A great craft to preserve a summer treasure or favorite memento. Each child will select their own shape and colors to create a resin capsule for an item of their choice.

Fitness and Play - All Ages
A focus on personal fitness and nutrition is supported through healthy snacks and practicing different forms of exercise and a variety of sports. This routine is built into each day to help establish lifelong healthy lifestyles.

Fantastic Fridays
Friday at TCH summer camp is a blast! Every Friday enjoy Moomer’s Ice cream along with outdoor activities including sprinkler and water fun (weather permitting).

Hit the Trails, Bike Weeks
Back by popular demand...If your child has finished *1st grade - 6th grade, can ride a two wheel bike that has at least 20'' wheels, and can stop and start independently, choose a bike week on your registration. Please choose ONE bike week only. These weeks are popular, so we like to make sure everyone gets to participate before we allow duplicates. During these weeks, Steve Maas will take the kids on the TART, Heritage Trail, Betsy Valley Trail, and Lost Lake Pathways, totaling over 60 miles of beautiful riding! These weeks are open to lower and upper elementary children who meet the mentioned requirements.

Elementary Summer Program Pricing

3 mornings
3, 3/4 days
4 mornings
4, 3/4 days
5 mornings
5, 3/4 days

Elementary Guides:  

Jodie Tasch

Jodie Tasch
Lower Elementary

Allison Hoffman

Annie Gerstner
Lower Elementary

Steve Maas

Steve Maas
Upper Elementary

Billing Information

  • DEPOSIT: A $100 non-refundable deposit is due for each camper at the time of registration. 
  • CONFIRMATION: Once your registration has been received, we will send you a confirmation for your schedule, a supply list, and health and emergency forms that need to be completed and returned to the business office. Campers who also attend during the school year should update their student forms online (SFO) through Children’s House online.
  • CANCELLATIONS AND SCHEDULE CHANGES:  All summer tuition except the $100 deposit will be refunded if enrollment is cancelled or modified in writing by May 15th. Neither the deposit nor the tuition will be refunded for cancellations after May 15th. Schedule changes will be accommodated based on class availability.
  • LATE PAYMENT CHARGE: A late charge of $15 per month is assessed when the balance due is $25 or more and payment has not been received by the 10th of the month it is due.
  • RETURNED CHECK CHARGE:  A charge of $20 is assessed for all checks or EFTs returned because of insufficient funds or invalid account numbers.
  • LATE PICK-UP CHARGE: A fee of $20 is charged for every 15 minutes (or increments there of) a child is at school after closing time (5:30 pm).
  • A LA CARTE CHILDCARE:  Childcare is available before and after summer classes as space permits. Arrangements may be made online using Directions for using this system will be included in your welcome packet. The school opens at 7:30am and closes at 5:30pm. Childcare used in addition to the hours specified on the summer confirmation form will be billed at $9.00/hour.
  • SUMMER SESSION CALENDAR: June 24 to August 26, 2021. The school is closed on July 5th in celebration of Independence Day