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Admission Policy


kindergarten_montessori_school_traverse_city_michigan_the_childrens_house.jpgEach year, we receive more applications than available placements. Our policy helps guide admission decisions in support of our school’s mission to prepare a Montessori learning environment that supports and respects the development of each unique child and nurtures them to become independent, curious, confident, lifelong learners who strive to contribute to their communities and the greater world.

The Children’s House and Compass Junior High admission process operates from an applicant pool of prospective students which allows the school to offer balanced, mixed-age Montessori classrooms.

Acceptance is based on available space in the program and a family’s:
  • Intentional choice for Montessori education
  • Willingness to partner with our school by being informed, involved, and invested
  • Alignment with the values and mission of The Children’s House and Compass Junior High, including a commitment to long-term enrollment
Additional considerations:

For children entering Kindergarten, Elementary, or Junior High, current academic reports, classroom visits, and parent interviews are a part of the admission process.

To comply with our immunization policy, only students who are up-to-date on all required vaccines are admitted. Non-medical waivers are not accepted. 

Admission preference is given to siblings of returning students, children or siblings of alumni, students transferring from another Montessori school, and children of staff members. 

Children who start at any point during the First Plane of Development (Birth to Age 6) are expected to remain enrolled through the Kindergarten year. If a family withdraws a child before completing kindergarten, enrollment for other children in the same family will not be guaranteed. Rather, they will be part of the applicant pool and considered for enrollment on a case-by-case basis.

The Children’s House and Compass Junior High does not discriminate in admissions or classroom placement based on gender, race, religion, national or ethnic origin (or any other legally protected status).