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Works By Lisa Wilkins Schulte

Our lobby was designed to be welcoming to all who enter our school. Over the years, we've hosted local artists to exhibit and talk about their work. On March 2, 2020, Lisa Schulte hung her stunningly beautiful, large scale paintings for our school community to enjoy. Little did we know, the works would be seen by very few people over the next year. 

Now you can enjoy her work by clicking on the images below and, if you are interested in making a purchase, you may schedule a time to see the artwork by emailing Renee. Lisa is donating 30% of each sale to our Patty Anton Memorial Scholarship Fund and 20% to our Bright Futures Fund

Lisa is a Children's House alumni parent. You can learn more about her and her life as an artist here

While Walking with Matt
SOLD-While Walking with Matt, 36x24, $860
Evening Shadows
Evening Shadows, 36x24, $860
See The Forrest
SOLD-See The Forrest, 36x24, $860
Hoo Hoo 1
Hoo Hoo 1, 20x20, $400
Hoo Hoo 2
Hoo Hoo 2, 20x20, $400
Hoo Hoo 3
Hoo Hoo 3, 20x20, $400
On the Way to Pyramid Point
On the Way to Pyramid Point, 60x48, $2,800
Stop on the Pierce Stocking Drive
Stop on the Pierce Stocking Drive, 60x48, $2,800