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Della Terra

Della Terra is a part of our health education program which includes physical education and kitchen classroom. Della Terra is the part that presents children with opportunities to learn about gardening. Connecting the children to the land on which we live is a joy. Our grounds at school offer a wonderful classroom in which we can explore, investigate, and grow. Please let me know if you have any questions about your child's time in Della Terra. DiAnn Service
DiAnn Service


Classroom Highlights


What is the role of a farmer? What kinds of farms are there? What makes a farm successful or not? These are the questions we are discussing this month in Della Terra. There are many steps to getting food from a farm to our table. Through problem solving and discussions of what farmers actually “farm” we are gaining insight to what it means to be a farmer and how important farming is. As long as the nice weather holds we will also get outdoors and check on our raised beds in the greenhouse and see what fall on our property looks like.



Fall in the gardens is always a fruitful time. Because of our lingering warm weather we have had tomatoes and cucamelons to eat. We have tasted bronze fennel, mint, chives, anise hyssop, and even peppers and beans. This month we talked about when foods are in season. We used apples as an example of when they are ready to harvest (in the fall) and how much better they taste now than they do in June. One thing that farmers have to figure out is how to store their harvest so our apples will taste good in June even when they are picked in September. We sure are thankful that there are many ways for us to eat food year round, even when it is not in season in our area.