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Physical Education

Welcome to physical education, fostering a love for physical activity is a central theme of my thoughts and actions in the gym. Maria Montessori said, "play is the work of the child", while we play in the gym each day I hope your children develop health habits that last a lifetime. Please stop in anytime you have a chance and join the fun.

"The arts, sciences, humanities, physical education, languages and maths all have equal and central contributions to make to a student's education."  ~Sir Ken Robinson 

Steve Maas

Steve Maas, Physical Education, Della Terra
B.A. Spring Arbor University, Family Life Education
AMS Primary Certification

The Children's House experience (1992- present):
Primary Guide
Physical Education Specialist


Classroom Highlights

Nadine 4/14/22

The children and I have been having a good time in the gym playing with jump ropes. It is always a thrill for me to watch the struggle turn into great joy as a student discovers that they can jump rope successfully.  Jump roping is not just a great cardiovascular endurance activity, it is also a good chance to build concentration and persistence.  Most importantly it’s fun, I hope you get a chance to practice with your child in the driveway soon. If you don’t have a rope I have many which I’d be happy to share with anyone who asks.

Jamie's Class 3/17/22

I believe the students have enjoyed the move indoors for physical education. We’ve been able to practice yoga, play badminton and play plenty of throwing and catching games in the gym. I’ll be away for the next few weeks while I get a new knee. Jamie Janiszewski will take over my duties in the gym for this time. Jamie has filled in in their classroom on occasion and attended a few PE periods these past few weeks. She knows your children and will do a nice job. I look forward to seeing the students in a few weeks and will try to check in with them as I am able. 

Jamie's Class 2/23/22

The upper elementary students have spent some time recently working with food groups and nutrients. We’ve played a few games to identify which foods belong to which group as well as discussing nutrients and how each is necessary for a healthy body. It is always interesting when we mention fat as an essential nutrient, how it helps with absorption of vitamins and minerals, builds new cells and aids brain function. Students often think of fat as only a bad thing and I think it’s fun to share its role in a healthy lifestyle. Expending energy in the gym is important, the food we choose that gives us that energy is important as well. I hope the a few bits of info I am able to share support what you all share at home.

Karin's Class 1/26/22

We have had some fun this past week playing a version of kick ball and also the beginnings of volleyball. The kickball game involves the entire kicking team running the bases each kick and the fielding team passes the ball to each of their teammates to make outs. Very little standing around waiting for a turn in this version. I hope that your student enjoys starting their day in the gym each morning. We know that physical education helps develop motor skills and coordination. It can also be an important way to relieve stress and anxiety while hopefully adding a bt of fun to their days. 

Nadine's Class 12/15/21

“Play is the work of the child” Maria Montessori

Your children come to the gym each day to play games and activities with their classmates. I especially enjoy watching as they learn and practice new skills while they think they are just playing. Play and work are not in opposition to each other, they are mutually supportive. Play is nature's best tool for creating new neural networks. Each Friday during P.E. students are free to choose any activity and play as long as they like. We are always modifying games and changing activities to make them even more fun. I hope that you and your family have plenty of time to play over the next couple of weeks and look forward to getting back at it with your kids in the new year. 

Kindergarten 12/01/21

This fall I have had a nice time with the kindergarten group practicing many skills. Toss and catch and skipping have been especially fun to watch and help with. I have also used a bit of our time to explore food groups. Several times we have played a running/sorting game with food picture cards, I hope they are able to identify food groups a bit more now.  On monday we spend our time outdoors often taking a walk to the elementary playground. I hope to say hi many of you in a few weeks at the outdoor sing along. 

Jamie's Class 11/10/21

The fall has been a good time for me  with this group. I see them each day at 11:25, right before lunch. We have been playing several games involving overhand throws and catching. We have also worked some character strengths into our time together, so far we have addressed grit, self-control, kindness, optimism and gratitude. The gym seems like a perfect place to work on these skills as well as their physical health. I hope I will see some of you soon and look forward to my days with your kids. 

Junior High 10/27/21

The junior high students have been playing plenty of volleyball on the days when their schedule allows for physical education in the gym. It has been nice having them come see me in two groups each afternoon, with 12 or 13 students in each group everyone is involved the entire time. I hope that when this group makes the move downtown we can facilitate walking and cycling to school and around town. 

Karin's Class 10/13/21

I am happy that I get to start my mornings with this group this school year. We have been playing several games to improve cardiovascular endurance including a favorite called monkey business. I have also taken a bit of time to discuss the benefits of being optimistic. If students can see a failure as part of the process rather than the end they may be able to continue moving forward. I look forward to watching them all grow this school year and also to talking to many of you as the year goes along. 

Sandra's Class 9/29/21

This group comes to the gym each day at 2:45 and finishes their day with me. We have practiced quite a bit of throwing and catching as well as played plenty of games to improve cardio-vascular endurance. The students wrote a classroom behavior agreement so that if a situation comes up we can use it as a reference. For example, they agree to treat others with respect and kindness. If a student feels something was unkind they can simply remind their classmate of the agreement. I am always available for support but I would like them to feel empowered to resolve conflicts independently on the rare occasions they come up. I look forward to seeing you all soon.