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Welcome to YCC Primrose

Welcome to the Young Children's Community!

The Young Children's Community (YCC) supports both the development of independence and social cohesion within our community. Our environment provides opportunities for caring for oneself, others, and the physical space as well as developing language and refining motor abilities. Please check back on this page for updates about what we are doing in our classroom!

It is a privilege to get to work with your children; thank you for sharing them with us!

Betsy Bloomquist



Room Parent
Halley Brandsen


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Betsy Bloomquist, YCC Guide
Betsy Bloomquist, YCC Guide
Madison Christenson, YCC Support
Madison Christenson, YCC Support
Jasmyne Kaggwa, YCC Support
Jasmyne Kaggwa, YCC Support
Kate Maas, YCC Support
Kate Maas, YCC Support

Classroom Highlights


I hope you all had an amazing time with loved ones this past Thanksgiving Holiday. We had a wonderful feast in our Primrose community with all the delicious dishes shared. We enjoyed thanking our friends for the meal they brought and talked about the food they might share with their family and friends. 

This week we have included some holiday songs as we move into the Holiday season. The biggest favorite is “Jingle Bells”, in which we have real bells to shake and jingle. I introduced “Oh Hanukkah”. We also have been singing “ A Winter Wonderland” as we look through a book with the lyrics. This is fast becoming a number one requested song at group. 

Snow!! The Children are so excited to go outside and sled up and down the hill. We also discovered that the snow on the slide makes it super speedy. Another popular activity is shoveling the snow into piles and climbing the mounds. The weather adds to the holiday feel as we practice for the sing a long!! 

Lastly, I want to remind you all that Friday, December 15th is an abbreviated day, followed by campus closure for winter break. Dismissal time for YCC will take place between 10:40am and 10:55am on the 15th. after our school sing along which takes place in the Gym at 11:00am. Please join us for some celebratory singing! Lunch and nap will not take place on this shortened day. After a few, rejuvenating weeks spent at home, we will return to school on Tuesday, January 2nd. Looking forward to another beautiful year with all of you!



Hello Primrose Families! 

Thank you for all taking the time to come and talk about your child with me during conferences. I always find sharing the joys and tribulations of toddlerhood to be cathartic and overall amusing. Thanks again and always remember to email anytime when you feel the need for some extra support.

A huge thanks to all that bought books at Horizon Books last weekend. I put out several new books this week and the children sat with me for as long as it took to read each new book. 

A big welcome to Charlotte who joined our classroom last week.  The children have been so sweet welcoming her. Our sweet ycc community has been very understanding of her little unbalanced steps as she moves about the room. 

I look forward to our Harvest Feast next week on Tuesday. It’s such a fun meal to share with your littles. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Have a great weekend! 


Hello Primrose! 

Now that we are into November, we’ve been enjoying seeing the various types of precipitation that our place in the world has to offer. The children have mixed emotions about the snow flying, but it is always exciting to see them experience snow. As the temperatures dip, it’s time to break out the snow pants and other winter gear. As with all clothing, please clearly label each item with your child’s name.

Every day we get ready to go outside in the same order, which provides the children the opportunity to sequence and fulfills their need for order. Some of the children do most of these steps independently, and we will be working through the winter to further this independence in dressing for outside. The order of getting ready is:

  1. Snow pants (or snowsuit)
  2. Boots
  3. Coat
  4. Hat
  5. Mittens

We use the “up-and-over” method to put on our coats and sweaters. It may seem a bit odd at first, but it allows even very young children to put on their coats independently. Here is a quick video demonstrating how we put on sweaters, jackets, and coats. 

We have also begun to discuss the next big holiday we will celebrate as a community: Harvest Feast. This is our way of bringing a big festive holiday meal into our classroom. For children who celebrate Thanksgiving at home, it also serves as a preparation for that experience as well. 

Finally, looking forward to chatting with you all at conferences next week! It’s always great to have time to sit and talk about all the amazing things your child’s been doing in the classroom so far this year.



I love observing the hustle and bustle of the children during the morning work cycle. They move about the room in an independent fashion, working with the materials and exhibiting a strong sense of confidence and drive.

I especially see this in our older friends as they help to get our daily tasks done,  such as placemat washing, mopping up spills (that is a result of placemat washing) and washing our dishes after food prep. Many of our younger toddlers are joining and getting some lessons from their peers. Today two of our friends were baking and that was an immediate cue to another child to grab the broom knowing that flour would soon be on the ground. Another student took note and started pouring water and soap into our dishwashing tubs. I love standing back and observing our community working in sync.

Lately a very favorite activity is singing “Down at Grandpa’s Farm”. I’m sure you have heard bits and pieces of this loved tune at home. It’s a language activity that seems to attract the entire class so we often choose group as a time to partake. We have a basket with a variety of farm animals, this basket is offered to a child so they can choose an animal. We name the animal and describe it, such as “big brown horse” then we sing about it and make the noise the animal makes. 

Down on Grandpa’s farm their is a big brown horse.
Down on Grandpa’s farm their is a big brown horse.

The horse it goes along like this… Neigh!
The horse it goes along like this...Neigh!

We’re on our way
We’re on our way

On our way to grandpa’s farm.

We’re on our way
We’re on our way

On our way to grandpa’s farm.

 Hands down this is their absolute favorite! If you hear this song being sung at home maybe try and join in, they will be ecstatic!! It’s even a bigger hit than “Old McDonald”!

I hope you are reading Waypoints each week and have synced our Family Calendar with your personal calendar so that you stay up to date on everything happening here at school, especially our learning opportunities that are designed for you. I’m especially looking forward to our book discussion on Thursday, October 26. Pick up your copy of The Montessori Toddler by Simone Davies and start reading! Register to reserve childcare no later than Monday, October 23.

Also! Conference sign will be in Waypoints tomorrow. 


Hello Primrose Families!

Recently, some of the older members of our community have made quite a shift from parallel play to cooperative play. The children are finding ways to work with another friend with a material on a rug. I have been observing more and more of this behavior as friendships develop. 

As a recap, parallel play is playing on their own beside another child. They will often show an indifference if another child touches their work, or they feel their space is being infringed upon. Cooperative play is interacting together with the same material in agreement. 

We often mention that toddlers don't share, it's not where they are in their mindset. Toddlers are very much involved in self mastery and that is a solo journey. The shift happens sometimes around 2.5 years but most often we see it closer to 3. It's a fun dynamic to observe as they develop these relationships.

During the summer one of our favorite activities to do was to go for a walk and get flowers from the cutting garden. With fall well under way the garden is done for the season. Lucille brought in some beautiful bouquets to share with the class. Our empty vases on the shelf will be no more!! 

I plan on having our room parent Halley put together a google doc  that will invite individual families to bring in a bouquet to share with the class. We can then continue our flower arrangements well into the cold winter months ahead. 

Have a great weekend,