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Kitchen Classroom

October 12, 2018

The school year has begun and we in the kitchen have started off at a gallop! It has been a joy to meet our new students and to see how much all of your returning children have grown! One elementary student came bursting out of the cooler with his classroom snack, banging the door in the process and commented, “Oh! I thought the door was heavier!” It’s the same door, he has just grown.

It was fun planning the Harvest Fest menu with the food planning committee. They brainstormed a great deal, and planned our first ever Harvest Fest salad bar. The food prep committee spent as many afternoons as they could in the kitchen chopping the carrots, peppers and tomatoes the Della Terra group delivered from our own gardens. Of course, one of the highlights of the food prep was traveling to Moomer’s to make pumpkin ice cream from the flavoring we created in our kitchen. Thank you to Jon Plummer and Becky Mead for once again hosting us! And thank you to everyone who attended the Harvest Fest this past Sunday. The students are so proud of all the work they put in planning and executing the food and games and sharing our harvest with their families!

We are already on our fifth week of elementary kitchen classroom. Your children have been peeling and chopping vegetables and mixing sauces, granola and muffins. We have been refreshing their memories on proper knife skills and how to keep themselves and the kitchen surfaces sanitary.

A favorite snack we have been making in kitchen classroom for the past month is Apple chips. We toss the cored apples in a little cinnamon and place them in the dehydrator for 15 hours. Voila! Apple chips! On the subject of apples, we get our apples from Lauri Brown of Brown’s Poplar Ridge Orchard. There is an article about her, her apples and her orchard in the most recent volume of the Edible Grande Traverse magazine (Number 53, Fall 2018).

Finally, but certainly not least, we have welcomed Sharon Schwarb  and Mary Schiller to our kitchen staff this year. Mary is a parent to three Children’s House students, Daklen, Daschal, and Gentry and Sharon’s grandson, Graham, is in Megan’s class. I am very lucky to have such great co-workers!

Brenda Lijewski