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BATA Bus Information

BATA is off and running! Everyone who has ridden has said it’s an easy, fun ride. Here are a couple of things to note...the afternoon bus goes straight to Hall Street from TCH, but we are the last stop before it does that, so there are stops before ours. After the morning bus stops here, it has additional stops and does not go straight back to Hall st. However, if you would like to ride with your child once or twice to see if it is something they could do on their own, check with Kim about organizing a carpool to Hall Street.

  • BATA Bus RideIn order for your child to ride BATA in the afternoon, you must complete the weekly permission form; your child will not be allowed to board the bus if this form is not filled out by 2:00pm the day of the ride. Instead, they will be placed in friends’ club. 
  • 7:30AM Departure from Hall Street Station
  • In the morning, children exit the bus and enter through the main doorway to make their way to their early care classrooms. (If a child rides the bus, early care is free)
  • 3:30PM Departure from TCH, arriving Hall St. at 3:45
  • As with any public transportation, children of any age are permitted to ride the bus at the parent’s discretion. TCH holds no responsibility or claims any supervision once your child boards the bus.
  • If TCAPS has a snow day, the BATA Bus will not stop at TCH and the route will be cancelled that day.
  • The bus that you ride from Hall Street is called “Link  Bus 15”, it’s the blue bus
  • Cost is $1.50/ each way. Punch cards are available and make a great stocking stuffer! Follow this link to purchase
  • BATA runs M-F