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Boonli: Lunch and Childcare Orders

Sign up for school lunch; primary, elementary and junior high can also sign up for early care, and friend's club


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Soup for Dinner Instructions

Set up your Boonli account:

  • Start by going to https://childrenshouse.boonli.com/login and click on "Create an Account.” It will ask you for a school password which is TCH1.
  • Follow the instructions for setting up your family’s profile.
  • Once your profile is set up and you begin ordering items, please remember to check out and pay or we will not receive your order.

Manage your account:

Review your student’s profile and class assignments. If you do not see ordering buttons when you log in, make sure you are in the correct month and that your child is listed in the proper classroom. To edit, go to the drop down menu on the left and choose “Edit/ View Profiles.” The “location” box has a drop-down menu with all of the classrooms. You can update your child’s classroom assignment there.

Primary, Elementary, and Junior High:

Lunch may be ordered by the day, month, or school year. Lunch orders must be completed by midnight two days before the date of the lunch.

Childcare that is not included in your tuition agreement (Early Care 7:30-8:30am and Friend’s Club 3:30-5:30pm), may be ordered by the half hour through the Early Care & Friend’s Club buttons. Early Care reservations must be completed by noon the day prior to the care. Friend’s Club reservations must be completed by noon the day of the care.

Nido and YCC Families:

Shared meal time is an important part of the Nido and YCC curriculum. Our school prepares a healthy and delicious lunch for all children old enough to eat solid food. Families will be billed $242 for first semester and $361 for second semester lunches. These amounts are prorated based on the number of days the child is enrolled in the program.

Soup for Dinner is Back!

40oz of soup and sides will be available for purchase through Boonli for $35. Soup will be sent home on Fridays with your child in a reusable container (please wash and return the following Monday). Place your order by Sunday to ensure we make enough.

To order:

  1. Log into Boonli and navigate to your child’s account.
  2. Choose the “Soup for Dinner” button on the Welcome page. This takes you to the calendar.
  3. Click on any up-coming Friday in the current month to see what type of soup is being offered and the option to select “Soup for Dinner.” Select and add it to your cart.
  4. Go to your cart and pay.

Forgotten Lunch Policy: 
Families will be allowed five forgotten lunches before getting “locked out” from forgotten lunches. If your child incurs more than five forgotten lunches, you will receive a phone call from the front desk asking you to bring a lunch to school. Please log on to https://childrenshouse.boonli.com/login and pay for the items in your cart. Additional details about our lunch program can be found on the Program Info page on Boonli.

Inclement Weather Lunch Policy:
Lunches listed on the menu on days that become snow days will be substituted for the menu item on the first day back following the snow day. If this doesn't align with your child’s dietary needs or preferences, you have until noon on the snow day to modify your order. Exception: If the snow day is on Friday, pizza will still be served on Monday as usual.

Questions? Please contact Marty at Martin@traversechildrenshouse.org or call (231) 929-9325 ext 110.

Technical Support: If you have trouble placing an order online, please email support@boonli.com

Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, or your debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo are accepted.