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Honeycomb is our new way for families to connect with others and build community at The Children’s House and Compass Junior High. We can’t wait to get started!

A welcome email was sent on Monday, December 4 with a link to join your child’s classroom. We hope that everyone will have a moment to join over winter break so that we can start the new year fully connected on Honeycomb. 

The Honeycomb website describes the functionality and possibilities to support school communities like ours. Or just watch this video

Need help? Tory and her team are quick to respond. hello@honeycomb-labs.com

Want to talk to someone in our school about why they are excited about Honeycomb? Our champions of this project are happy to connect with you. Nido/YCC Kaitlyn Dow; Primary Rachel Atkins; and Elementary & Junior High Sarah Bancroft Treadway

We’ve adopted Honeycomb’s community guidelines and ask that all users follow them. We also request that all users follow these specific Photo Do’s and Don’ts. 


  • Add a profile photo for your family
  • Ask permission to take and share photos 
  • Share photos during student travel (staff)


  • Post photos from non-school events
  • Share photos from Honeycomb on social media

Before we decided to adopt Honeycomb, we had lots of questions about privacy and security so we asked Honeycomb for clarification. Because we asked about cyber liability insurance, Honeycomb now has liability insurance.